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Starting an account is easy!

To start your account we recommend a visit to your Store by a Kent News Company Representative. During this visit we will discuss periodical sales potential at your location, terms of sale, fixture options, and product mix. To establish an account with credit, Kent News requires you to supply basic credit reference information. As soon as the paperwork is complete, the titles are selected, and a fixture is in place, you are ready to begin profiting from periodicals!

Our goal at Kent News is to turn your magazines program into the profit center it should be for your business! While there are many factors that can impact your magazine sales, there are two key points to maximizing your profitability. They are:

Getting The Correct Product & Quantities: At Kent News, we believe that no one knows the needs of your business or your customers better than you do! That's why we encourage you to get involved in which magazine titles you receive. Depending on the customer demographic frequenting your retail outlet, maximizing periodical sales depends on selecting the proper tile mix. Our professional distribution staff will work with you to guide you through the set-up process to ensure you are receiving the correct quantities of the titles that will sell in your Store.

Proper Display Location and Fixtures: After determining which magazine titles will appeal to your customer base, the proper location and display play a monumental role in determining the profitability of your periodical program. Magazine Publishers spend millions of dollars designing cover treatments that act as hooks for impulse purchases. A smart well placed display containing the proper title mix is a sure way to create profits through periodicals! Kent News Company has a Fixture Division which can help create a custom fixture specifically designed for your needs.

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